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We are excited to learn about YOU AND YOUR NEEDS and how we can partner with you to create stimulating content for our life, style, travel and food and fitness readers.

Although we cater mainly to our teenage readers and their needs, we are very FAMILY ORIENTATED and know that parents are reading too. It's what we want!

Much of my success has been behind the camera, as I tend to have an eye for angles and shots, whether it be video or stills.

We TRAVEL well as a family and have visited many destinations, which are family friendly and especially geared toward a teenager on the move. We have traveled to China with a soccer team, we frequently go to Europe and we have many trips planned to the Caribbean. I personally will be visiting Vietnam on my next trip in November and later to the United Kingdom. We also have a cruise to Mexico scheduled in December. We have attended many film festivals and special events throughout the USA, from Hollywood to Boston and many other places in between.

TEEN LIFE for us means how we can help solve some of the problems and challenges that teens face every day, such as; education, college prep, stress, time management, nutrition and fitness, all aspects of beauty, hair and complexion, just to name a few. Teen Life is also how we can give back, just like the popular WE Movement and the positive ways we can affect people’s lives, no matter what their age. I poll my teenage followers periodically to find out what is on their mind, what they are liking and what concerns they may have as they head out into this world, whether that be middle school, high school, college or the workplace.

TEEN STYLE emphasizes what clothes, brands, gadgets and products my readers like and use, the music we listen to and the concerts and events we like to attend. Teenagers surprisingly have a very broad spectrum and have wide-ranging interests under this one category of Style.

We are always open to new ideas, but here is an example of a few ways in which we may be able to help you:

  • Sponsored Resort and Destination Visits

  • Social Media Campaigns

  • Sponsored Posts

  • Brand Ambassadorship

  • Event Appearance and Live Social Sharing

  • Affiliate Partnership

  • Video Creation

  • Photo and Video Packages

  • TV Brand Representation

  • Modeling


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