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How Keeping to a Schedule Helps Maintain a High GPA

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How Keeping to a Schedule Helps Maintain a High GPA

What’s up guys…

Let me start by first saying this; education and maintaining high scores on our GPA’s did not come easy for my brother and I. We weren’t totally stupid, but we were not academically gifted either. To this day we both have to work very hard in order to keep our GPA’s above 4.0.

From the very first time we bought homework home – back in elementary school – our routine was initially established by our parents, which was really a way of teaching us to set our priorities for the future. After school the first thing we wanted to do was to go outside and play, this was a release for our frustrations and to blow off the day’s cobwebs. My dad always remembers coming home from work and seeing both Lennon and I waiting with a soccer ball at the end of our driveway. He would play with us until it went dark.

After that of course it was dinner time, and while dinner was being prepared, we would sit in front of the TV and watch cartoons. Sponge Bob was always my favorite.

The TV was then turned off so we could all sit down for dinner where we would discuss what had happened during our day. Many of these conversations were engaging and my parents were good listeners, always inputting suggestions whenever they were needed. When the table was cleared, homework came next. While my mom was washing the dishes, Lennon and I would work at each end of the table, while my dad sat in the middle just in case he was needed, and then after to check our work.

We have always been a family of readers. I used to beg to have stories read to me when I was a little girl, and I distinctly remember crying when Bambi’s mother was shot, and Dumbo got separated from his mother. Books at that time were our escape and our imagination ran wild, and the television never really entered the equation. So towards the end of elementary school we would visit the library weekly and Lennon and I would read like crazy. In fact Lennon won a prize for reading so many books in a year. Now he is literally a speed reader. At middle-school our routine was pretty much the same.

Looking back on our early childhood though, our entire day was a really positive experience. As we aged, instead of waiting for dad at the end of our driveway, organized sports became a big part of our lives, and soccer in particular was one sport we both pursued. Practice two or three times a week, followed by games on the weekend kept us both healthy and vibrant. The funny thing was, even after such a full day, I never remember going to bed late, yet when my head hit the pillow I was out like a light.

Then, flash forward a few years when our minds now became geared towards technology and the social media. School homework questions became more difficult and projects were much more in depth. Texting and social media became a massive part of our lives as we entered our teenage years.

Of course this caused some problems, but any threat of losing my phone motivated me to fulfill my obligations first. Social media though won out and our reading suffered. Math became a challenge for me and English became a challenge for Lennon. The Kardashians and Dance Moms started to take some more of my time and my test scores briefly showed it. Again my parents stepped in.

We had a long chat somewhere around the age of 14, and it was agreed that we needed to keep to our schedule, in my dad’s words, ‘to get our priorities sorted out’. Our phones could not be used at certain times and our homework had to be completed before we attended soccer practice. The TV was now non-existent but my sleep time still decreased.

The good thing about our high-school is that in each semester we work on only four subjects at a time as we have adopted a four-by-four plan, so we only get given homework for those four subjects. This helped us considerably and our sleep time slightly improved. Nevertheless, Lennon and I quickly became night owls and I realized then that I was not a morning person. Currently there is talk in California that by law, the school day will start later next year so that kids will hopefully get more sleep.

We are now seniors in high-school and are only one year away from college. The work we are currently doing in preparation for half-term finals and college prep has increased considerably. My parents decided that we needed a little help on the college preparation front, and so hired a college consulting agency to keep us on track – that has worked out very well as our GPA has remained consistently high, and our ACT and SAT scores are gradually improving. To learn more about this experience click here.

Over the years both Lennon and I have maintained high GPA’s and have rarely missed a school day. We both have extra-curricular activities and work during our summer vacation. Technology, the camera, and social media have really paid off for me as I am now seeking a career in this field. Our hard work and application to the cause has also paid off, as we both are on track for further college education and to pursue our degrees.

Here is my typical day as a senior – it may help you overcome some obstacles that may be holding you back.

• 2.40 pm – Finish school and home by 3 pm. Light snack and juice (read more) and straight to my homework.
• 5 pm – Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, dance and fitness at the gym.
• 5 pm – Wednesday teach my editing class on
• 7 pm – Dinner.
• 8 – 10 pm – Complete homework and projects and catch up with my social media and e-mails
• 10 pm – Read and bedtime.

The older we get as teenagers, the tougher our lives seem to be getting, which can become stressful ( I hear my dad’s voice…“Yeah! Wait till you start working!” ). The thing to remember is that we have to make some sacrifices in order to keep our game on track. I am convinced – and my brother more so – that the dedication and hard work we put in now will greatly benefit us in the future.

You should always remember too, that in order to replenish, you need an outlet. Maybe a sport, social events, movies, fitness, dance, you name it, it just takes your mind off of the hectic world that we as teenagers live in, even just for a moment.

Reagan XO




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