Boston, Massachusetts

Our Trip to Boston

The Freedom Trail

The Freedom trail is a 2.5 mile loop through downtown Boston that passes 16 locations, which are very significant to the history of the United States of America. Just pick up a map off of a street vendor and follow the route – (you can even map it on your smart phone). If ever you get lost just ask a passerby – the people of Boston are so incredibly friendly, especially to visitors.

It was freezing! Good thing we brought extra coats.

The Freedom Trail is an extremely popular attraction for tourists and a must see. On this cold day a brisk walk did us the world of good. There are multiple ways to go on the trail, walking, bicycle, trolley or a bus loop is even an option!

The Streets of Boston

The scenery was so beautiful! Apartment buildings and houses built centuries ago lined almost every street on the Freedom Trail! The other amazing thing about Boston is that there is not too much traffic on the road. That is because the rail system, including the underground, is so efficient and inexpensive that driving a car is pointless. This is also a great way for students to travel from place to place safely.

Who knew graffiti could be so beautiful? Here is a popular spot for artists to exhibit their creative side! (Directly across from the Gum Wall)

Mike’s Pastries is a must! There was a line wrapped around the building all the way to the entrance, but boy, was it worth it? Best pastries ever!

Harvard University

During our trip to Boston, we even had the chance to visit Harvard. The campus itself looked oddly turn of the century British, with old brick buildings. Walking tours are always on the move, and it was quite easy to hitch onto the end of a group to listen and learn some fun facts!

Film Screening

Our audience for one out of four screenings was a group of students! It was refreshing to answer their questions and help guide them to finding their passion in film making.

While in Boston, I had the honor of showing my film, ‘Life Rolls On’, with multiple screenings. This one at MIT.

Special thanks to the DIYDS (Famous ‘Do It Your Darn Self) film festival for our incredible experience!

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