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My name is Reagan Yorke and I am a teenager who wants to make a difference in this world.

This site is about being a teenager, the teenage lifestyle and anything and everything that may affect the life of a teenager. We specifically concentrate on teen-life, teen-style, travel, food and fitness for teenagers, but don't be fooled, parents find this blog a great resource, especially for hot topic issues of the day.

I make every effort to address everything ethically, using high morals and standards, it is how I was raised. I am a Christian and live by those principles, values and beliefs.

My skills are film making, photography, editing, working in front and behind the camera, and creative media, using Vlogs and Blogs.

As you can see from my social networking sites, I have a huge teenage following with over 373,000 fans. I initially made an impact on Musical.ly and Live.ly, where I now teach editing to my followers.

I make docu-dramas and short films on subjects that interest me such as "Life Rolls On," which is still being recognized world-wide and at numerous film festivals from California to Massachusetts, and from the USA to India.

I create short video stories for companies and products such as those displayed on this site.

I also create short 15 second videos, some to music, that can be serious, innovative, motivational, silly, crazy and quirky. 'Linkin Park' posted one of my short video edits to their site.

All of my photographs are original, taken and edited by me, and have won awards with national acclaim.

I work very hard and love what I do. I am a perfectionist and pay attention to detail both visually and audibly.

I have a twin brother, Lennon who, I am told, looks good in nearly everything he wears - he is a model and big into fashion and sports. You will meet him soon. You go Bro!

My parents are very supportive of my endeavors and my father continually helps with fine tuning this Website and the management of my affairs. Thanks Dad!

My Mom continues to love and feed me - Oh and yes, we do Zumba together!

Meet my crazy family...

If you watch carefully, the funniest part of this video is when I accidentally slap my Mom in her face! Oops!

The show went on because she's a trooper!

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